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Explosion protection for your safety

Hazardous areas in a wide range of process industries need reliable safety solutions when electrical equipment is in use. Nowadays the food, chemical, petrochemical, printing and power industries, manufacturers of aircraft and machinery, gas and oil producers, refrigeration engineers and other process-oriented companies all rely on certified explosionproof equipment and components manufactured by thuba.

thuba’s core skills are in explosion protection. Our mission is to provide safety – for both assets and personnel – in leading industries throughout th world.

Our corporate philosophy has evolved over man decades. Each generation has left its mark andmade a substantial contribution to the success o the company, which has now been in existence for over 90 years. Today we take an active part in the worldwide standardization of electrical equipment for hazardous areas. Our command of international standards enables us to meet the increasing challenges of the market.

A deliberate focus on international expertise, a motivated workforce and an innovative range of products create efficiency and transparency for our customers. We work together with them to develop both off-the-shelf and customized solutions based on modular assemblies. Our products include installation material, control systems, electric heating units, trace heating systems for piping and vessels, and safety lamps.

Our aim is to create partnerships in which our tried-and-tested skills and our high quality products best meet the specific requirements at a given location, thus offering the maximum safety for our customers.