Customised Solutions

Our expertise combined with customised solutions.

In our field, there is no such thing as a typical project. We carefully consider our customers’ individual requirements to provide the best customised solution for explosionproof

  • switchgear assemblies
  • heating
  • heat tracing
  • lamps

Standard ­Solutions

Storage devices for your electrical installations in potentially explosive areas in accordance with IEC 60079 standards:

  • lamps
  • terminal boxes
  • plug-and-socket devices
  • temporary earthing systems
  • motor protection switches
  • safety switches

Most of these devices can be supplied from stock.

Single or a small series of terminal boxes built in polyester or stainless steel according to customer specifications can be delivered within two working days.


Potentially explosive areas in different industries need reliable solutions for the use of electronic (electric) devices. This is why process-oriented industries focus not only on our certified explosionproof equipment and components, but also the services that thuba provides.