Printed Matters

1 - thuba group

Company brochure  PDF
Product overview  PDF

2 - Technical Information

Zones, Types of protection, Marking, Verifications, Selection of equipment (booklet)  PDF
Directives, zones and standards (poster)  PDF
Directives, zones and standards (Chinese language)  PDF
Ignition hazards caused by electrostatic charges in industrial processes  PDF
Marking and documentation  PDF

3 - Switchgear Assemblies

Explosionproof switchgear assemblies  PDF
Explosionproof Access Point SAnR/SAtb  PDF
Explosionproof terminal boxes SAeb/SAec  PDF
Explosionproof control gear combinations 'eb/ec'  PDF
Explosionproof switchgear combinations 'nR'  PDF
Explosionproof switchgear combinations 'pxb/pzc'  PDF

4 - Hand and tube lights

Explosionproof hand and tube lights   PDF
Flameproof tube luminaire for switchgear assemblies  PDF
Explosionproof hand and tube lights - Overview  PDF
Explosionproof Hand Lamp HL43 d  PDF
防爆手提灯 HL43 d  PDF
Illuminated level gauge  PDF
Explosionproof LED tube luminaires with flange socket  PDF
带法兰式插座的防爆LED管灯具  PDF
照明液位计  PDF
Explosionproof hand lamps for zones 0 and 20  PDF
Inspection light zone 0 (category 1G)  PDF

5 - Electric heating systems

Explosionproof heating units  PDF

6 - Pipe and tank trace heating systems

Installation of heating cables  PDF
Project planning guidelines for trace heating systems  PDF

7 - Instrumentation and control engineering

Temperature controllers and safety temperature limiters KT  PDF

8 - Installation material

Explosionproof cable reel Series CR  PDF
Explosionproof cable reel, series CR (Flyer)  PDF
Explosionproof mobile filling system  PDF
Ex self-retracting cable reel CR.K with clamp  PDF
Spiral cable with clamp for a temporary equipotential bonding connection  PDF
防爆电缆拖线盘, 型号 CR  PDF
Flyer Control Equipment  PDF
防爆控制设备  PDF
Flyer Cleanroom Poweroutlet  PDF
防爆洁净室电源出口  PDF
Temporary bonding / Earth monitoring system  PDF