The instrumentation, control and monitoring of explosionproof equipment in hazardous areas require a control unit complying with the regulations. This unit comprises either an operator panel with switches and pilot lamps or a complete system for controlling and monitoring the device. Short connecting lines between the control unit and equipment save costs and reduce the risk of faults.

We offer appropriate solutions for the various zones:

  • Flameproof Ex d IIC control units
    with normal non-explosionproof components; where required with a terminal box in the type of protection Increased Safety «e»
  • Control units Ex e IIC with enclosures in the type of protection Increased Safety «e»
    with built-in Ex-certified components
  • Control units with pressurized systems, categories 2 and 3 (Ex pxb IIC for Zone 1 and Ex pzc IIC for Zone 2)
    with purging and automatic shutdown in the event of a drop in pressure, with built-in non-explosionproof components and equipment, such as programmable logic controllers, industrial PCs, operator panels and power electronics
  • «Non-sparking» control units, Ex nA IIC
    with built-in Ex-certified components
  • Restricted breathing control units, Ex nR IIC
    with built-in, standard electrical components
  • Control units with enclosures for dust, Ex tb IIIC and Ex tc IIIC
    with built-in, standard electrical components

We install the associated intrinsically safe apparatus for measurement and control signals outside the hazardous areas only. These include isolating switch amplifiers, transmitter supply units, valve modules, transducers, output isolators and Zener barriers.