Explosionproof Cable Reel, Series CR

thuba cable reels guarantee safety and a perfect function.

Ex db eb IIC T6 Gb
PTB 16 ATEX 3002

Thanks to their robust design, they can be used for a wide variety of applications for the maintenance of electrical equipment in explosive gas atmospheres.
The explosionproof cable reels are made of a conductive EPDM. The spool for the cable is designed to accommodate the explosionprof flange sockets and, together with a welded, stainless steel enclosure, it forms the connection compartment in the type of protection «increased safety e». Connection is made on the Ex-e terminals of the flange sockets. Instead of a shaft, a pivot bearing is used. This has to be advantageous under rough operating conditions.
The CR17 standard model has one 16A flange socket. The CR 27 cable reel can be fitted with up to 3 16 A flange sockets or one 32 A flange socket.