Explosionproof signalling device

The first devices from our new explosionproof control and signalling device program 16 or 22 mm are available.

Ex mb IIC T6 Gb, Ex ib IIC T6 Gb
Ex mb IIIC T80°C Db, Ex ib IIIC T80°C Db

The explosionproof signalling device is not only small in size (fixing thread M 16 x 1.5), but it also combines a low power consumption (only 6mA) with a high volume (90 dBA at a distance of 0.3 m).

Hazardous conditions in systems and plants have to be clearly signalled. Thanks to its low power consumption, the signalling device can be supplied with power directly from the control system.

The sound converter functions piezo-electrically without contacts. The sound is generated by the bending vibrations of a membrane. The penetrating whistling sound of the signalling device cannot be overheard, not even in larger control rooms.

The control electronics and the sound converter are hermetically sealed; due to the sound outlet, the degree of protection of the metal membrane is IP30.

It is not possible to pot the membrane and the piezo ceramics to make them explosionproof. For this reason, an intrinsically safe circuit is created inside the potted interior of the signalling device. This circuit is not fed to the exterior and need not, therefore, be taken into consideration when installing the signalling device.