Your interests – our commitment

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We are proud of making a significant contribution to the operational readiness and reliability of many national and international enterprises.

We specialize in manufacturing and installing electrical equipment for explosive gas and dust atmospheres, plus industrial electric heating and safety lighting systems. Our specially customized solutions are based on standardized and certified assemblies. We continue to develop and manufacture new certifiable specialties. All components from thuba are designed to contribute to the optimum safety of persons and material assets.

The services that we offer our customers include individual consultation and comprehensive information. Our expertise is incorporated right from the planning stage in industrial projects, because professional design input has a major impact on the subsequent maintenance costs. With training and workshops we ensure that plant users and maintenance staff acquire the knowledge and skills essential for optimum safety and reliability of operation.

We are with our customers every step of the way, from the initial idea right through to the finished installation, advising them proactively. This is what thuba means by comprehensive service from a single source.