Swiss Accreditation (SIS 0145)

SAS SIS cmyk 145

Your plant safety – our Accreditation

Installations in hazardous areas incorporate special design features and must comply with certain specified criteria. For safety reasons it is essential that the efficacy of these special design features is maintained throughout the entire service life of an installation. This is ensured by rigorous technical inspections.

The significance of these inspections in confirming that an installation is being operated correctly and safely is often underestimated, and the associated measures they require – such as maintenance work – are frequently neglected. Periodic inspections, however, together with the associated servicing, provide a major contribution to guaranteeing uninterrupted plant operation: they prolong the service life of equipment and protective systems, prevent unscheduled plant shutdowns and improve occupational safety.

The Swiss Inspection Service has assigned us the number SIS 0145 as an accredited inspection center for installations in hazardous areas. We can therefore offer our customers the following services:

Inspection of good order

The 'inspection of good order’ is a documentation and organization check to ascertain whether the specifications set forth in the system documentation (hazardous zone classification) have been implemented when selecting the equipment and protective systems, and whether the required equipment documentation is complete.

Initial inspection

The initial inspection is carried out before commissioning an installation. This is a detailed inspection to check the suitability of the equipment for each specific application and whether the equipment and protective systems have been installed in accordance with their documentation.

Periodic inspections

These are recurrent inspections carried out at regular intervals on all electrical equipment, systems and installations as set forth in IEC 60079-17. The intervals between inspections and their scope (visual, close or detailed inspections) are specified for each individual installation during the inspection of good order or after sample inspections.
The results of each inspection carried out are recorded in detail in a check list and are thus available as the basis for future inspections.

SAS - Inspection Body
Edition February 2020
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