Flexible electric heater, type FHD

MG 9258 mid Res

The flexible explosionproof heater, type FHD, allows the uniform heating of surfaces in machinery and apparatus engineering, tank construction and the heating of enclosures for controls and analysing equipment for maintaining the function of built-in equipment at low ambient temperatures. The degree of protection of the flexible heaters is IP66.

The flexible heaters consist of a self-adhesive silicone laminate with a built-in heating element. The clearance between the terminal box and the surface to be heated is such that the maximum surface temperature of the terminal box does not exceed 80 °C. Bolts for fixing the terminal box are welded on to the surface to be heated, so that it can be screwed firmly in position.

The contact protection of the heated surface is ensured by an 8 mm thick silicone foam that extends over the complete surface of the heater.

Stabilised version
If designed for low heating capacities, a stabilised version without temperature monitoring is possible. The parameters specified during routine testing must not be changed by the user.

Temperature-controlled version
Pt-100 resistance sensors or explosionproof capillary tube thermostats are used for the regulation and monitoring of surface temperatures with higher heating capacities. The Pt-100 resistance sensors can be fitted directly into the silicone laminate and fulfil the requirements for simple apparatus. The evaluation is carried out via the associated apparatus in the type of protection Intrinsic Safety. Electronic safety temperature limiters according to EN 14597 or SIL 3 are used for limiting the surface temperature.

Flexible electric heater, type FHD
Edition March 2024
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