Explosionproof Switchgear Assemblies in Protection Type «Increased Safety e»

Cooling system

The explosionproof controlgear combinations are intended for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 explosive gas atmospheres according to IEC/EN 60079-0 and IEC/EN 60079-7. IEC/EN 60079-7 'Equipment protection by increased safety e’ covers explosionproof equipment for equipment protection levels 'Gb’ (Zone 1) and 'Gc’ (Zone 2) and the levels of protection 'eb’ and 'ec’.

Strict observation of the correct use of the levels of protection 'eb’ and 'ec’ is essential to ensure that equipment with the level of protection 'ec’ is not suddenly installed Zone 1 areas. It goes without saying that equipment in the type of protection 'Increased Safety e’ as well as in the type of protection 'Increased Safety eb’ may still be used in both Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Simultaneously with the introduction of the two levels of protection, the type of protection 'nA’ is being replaced by the type of protection 'ec’. Newly supplied explosionproof controlgear combinations all comply with IEC/EN 60079-7:2015.

The enclosures can be made of stainless steel (AISI 316L or 304) or stove-enamelled steel. In addition to a standard range with 16 different enclosure dimensions, stainless steel enclosures can be made to customer specifications. The covers of smaller enclosures are screwed on, while doors with square bolts are available for larger enclosures.

Explosionproof Switchgear Assemblies «e»
Edition April 2022
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