Ex-control units and control stations

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Control units lie at the heart of every electrical system. These products can be used and operated reliably under the harshest of conditions. We offer a choice of different materials for the enclosure: impact-resistant thermoplastic, glass fibre reinforced polyester, light alloy or stainless steel. The robust thermoplastic and polyester materials meet the surface resistance requirements of <109 ohms as specified by EN 60079. With their high level of chemical resistance, the materials have proven to be optimal for both indoor and outdoor installations, particularly within the chemical and offshore industries. All metal parts are made from high-quality stainless steel.

Combining moulded plastic enclosures

The modular design of the control units in the GHG 44x series enables distribution modules to be combined without screws to create a neat and cost-effective solution. The uniform modular dimensions mean that the enclosures can be connected via flanged joints. This screwless snap-on mounting system also allows plastic or brass flanges to be mounted on the enclosures. What's more, this technology also makes it quick and easy to retrofit cable glands on the flanges. As a result, system modifications and extensions can be implemented in next to no time and with ease.

Panel mounting

The control and indicating elements can be integrated into panels with a wall thickness of up to 5 mm. Components for panel mounting, such as signal lamps, push-buttons and switches, can be instantly plugged into the control and indicating elements on the panel via a bayonet-ring fitting. The individual wires can be neatly installed with ease. All panel-mounted equipment can be retrofitted with slip-on strain relief devices and protective caps for the cable connections and then certified as a whole. Consequently, it is no longer necessary to plan or stock panel-mounted equipment with different cable lengths.

Installation technology

Our control stations are based on a well-thought-out design concept. The flameproof built-in components – such as signal lamps, push-buttons and switches – can be quickly snapped onto the mounting rail that is moulded into the enclosure. To make it easier to feed in the cables, the built-in components can be snapped out of the enclosure. Notches in the mounting rail define the position of the built-in components and prevent them from becoming out of place. The low-cut side walls optimise and speed up the cable connection process. The control stations feature M25 moulded-plastic cable entries with an 8 mm to 17 mm clamping diameter as standard. Alternatively, metal screws and flanges can be used for mounting. The metal flanges enable external earthing. The control stations are installed using pre-wired connection terminals. The wired built-in components are snapped onto a stainless steel fold-out mounting frame. To connect the control units, the mounting frame is folded out and the cables are fed into the enclosure quickly and easily before being neatly attached to the terminals.

Explosionproof control and signalling devices, series C22 / Explosionproof Magnetic Switch MS16
Edition March 2023
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