Ex-safety switch

Sicherheitsschalter 1

All safety switches can be protected against inadvertent switching on by our integrated locking facility for up to three padlocks in the OFF position.

To prevent manipulations, the enclosure covers cannot be opened in the locked position without destroying the enclosure itself.

All safety switches feature full AC-3 motor switching capacities and isolating properties according to EN 60947-4-1 with compulsory opening of the main current contacts; optional EMERGENCY STOP versions according to EN 60204-1 are also available. Additional lagging/leading auxiliary contacts guarantee double safety for extreme switching conditions. The safety switches feature an installation-friendly design and easily accessible connection terminals.

Versions in impact-resistant polyamide or glassfibre-reinforced polyester enclosures provide the high degree of protection IP66 for safety switches up 180 A. These can be optionally supplied with snap-on moulded plastic or brass flanges. Safety switches for amperages up to 630 A are supplied in metal enclosures. These can be equipped with screw-on flanges. The described safety switches at the sizes 210 - 630 A are also available for explosion group IIB, which is sufficient for many of the applications.

  • Full AC-3 switching capacity
  • Double safety: additional auxiliary contact
  • Cost-saving installation up to 180 A
  • Snap-on mounting up to 40 A
  • IP66 protection up to 180 A