Manual motor starters

Motorschutzschalter 1

Motors have to be protected against over loads, phase failures and overheating: the power circuit breaker and manual motor starter features phase-failure protection as well as thermal and electromagnetic tripping for reliable motor protection.

An optional under-voltage trip or auxiliary contact complements the safety package. The switch position is always indicated by the switch handle – practically excluding wrong operation.

A special safety feature offered by the manual motor starter: It can only be switched on on-site – where the drive is. An operating-current trip for remote switch-off is optional.

The manual motor starters have such a precise tripping time that they are equally suited for the protection of Ex-e as well as Ex-d motors – just to put you on the safe side.

  • Full AC-3 motor switching capacity
  • Decisive cost savings with mounting system
  • Easily accessible connection terminals
  • High degree of protection IP66
  • Isolating properties according to IEC 60947-4-1
  • Clear indication of switch position
  • Phase-failure protection
  • Integrated locking facility