Plugs and sockets

Quadrat 400 plug socket 1

Providing electrical energy there, where it is most needed – even in hazardous areas for the Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. Non-stationary electrical apparatus have generally high requirements on the energy/power supply. Robust plugs and receptacles as well as a high chemical resistance are at the first glance very important. Electrical reliability is a must not only for all connectivity products. A high safety standard, a steady hold and faultless contacting even under vibration or the effects of an aggressive atmospheric environment are the basis for a secure and reliable utilisation.

Our plugs and receptacles offer more, apart from the proven technology, this product series is defined by its innovative details. For example, the very efficient cable strain relief or the new coding system of the various versions offers different solutions for a secure and problem free utilization in all areas. Just to round the product off, the user in the normal industrial sector becomes exactly the same product advantages. Robust industrial versions fulfil all requirements appertaining to mechanical and chemical durability.

  • Nickel-plated contacts
  • Low insertion force
  • Safety standard IP66 applies also in the plugged-in state
  • Full AC-3 switching ability
  • Self-cleaning lamellar contacts, low transition resistance
  • All-pole on/off switching
  • Easy plugging

Explosionproof connectors, type EC

MG 9256 mid Res ge

The explosionproof connectors, type EC, are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in the gas and oil industry, in machinery and apparatus engineering or in the food industry. They can be used in both areas with a potentially explosive gas atmosphere in Zones 1 and 2 and areas with a potentially explosive dust atmosphere in Zones 21 and 22

The degree of protection by the enclosure, taking the ageing to EN IEC 60079-0 into consideration, is IP 65 or IP 66. The connectors are used for transmitting signals in hazardous areas. They are used in installations where it is necessary to isolate for maintenance and servicing purposes. As the connectors are coded, costly line testing and tests are not required when re-commissioning.

The cover and base can be fitted with different contact inserts according to customer requirements. Crimp connections only are used for the individual contacts. Any unused slots are fitted with a dummy to ensure that the clearances and creepage distances for each configuration are maintained. Depending upon the conductor cross section, the power losses of the connectors are rated in such a way that the temperature class T6 (gas) or the maximum surface temperature T80 °C (dust) are not exceeded.

The contact inserts feature leading protective contacts that are safeguarded against mispolarization (codeable) and can be mounted in either the cover or the base of the enclosure. Normally the covers and the bases of the enclosures are mutually screwed together to prevent an inadvertent separation.
The connectors may only be separated if they are de-energised. If the covers and bases remain open after separation, blind covers are available. These ensure that the degree of protection of the enclosure is still guaranteed.

Explosionproof Clean Room Power Outlet
Edition August 2018
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Explosionproof connectors, type EC
Edition April 2023
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