Explosionproof flashing light, type FL70db

BVS2023 FL70db 102 Ex Flash light detail internal RC fertig mit Leuchteffekt

The explosionproof flashing light, type FL70db, ensures a better control over all important processes and, therefore, a higher availability of installations in hazardous areas and complies with SIL1. The explosionproof flashing lights are a vital component in installations, as these allow advance warning functions that make it possible for the operator to avoid a standstill of the installation.

The explosionproof flashing lights indicate the system conditions with visual signals. These have to be clearly visible from a distance and it must be possible to assess the information correctly. The colours comply with international standards: blue, orange, white, red, yellow and green. The Xenon flash tubes ensure a brightness that guarantees a safe awareness, even under extreme conditions.

The dimensions of the explosionproof flashing lights allow a flexible application under all installation conditions. They can be used in both explosive gas atmospheres in Zones 1 and 2 and explosive dust atmospheres in Zones 21 and 22.

The polycarbonate enclosure features conductive contact strips to ensure the safe discharge of electrostatic charges. Thanks to the use of high quality polycarbonate, the polycarbonate tube with the aluminium end caps (special version also available with stainless steel) meets the requirements of the degree of protection IP 68 and for a high impact resistance (IK 10). An important aspect for the pharmaceutical and food industries is the fact that it does not splinter under mechanical impact. The explosionproof flashing lights are supplied complete with a flameproof cable entry and a connection lead with a minimum length of 3m (see also EN 60079-14).

Explosionproof flashing light, type FL70db
Edition April 2023
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