Explosionproof LED Hand Lamps

90 A5180 High Res 3 DEF

Depending on the version, the explosionproof hand lamps can be used in explosive gas atmo­spheres in Zones 0, 1 and 2 and explosive dust atmospheres in Zones 20, 21 and 22.

The explosionproof hand lamps are used for maintenance and inspection tasks. The small dimensions are particularly advantageous for the illumination of confined spaces in plants, machines, aircraft and shipyards.

The explosionproof hand lamps are used in the chemical and processing industry, the oil and gas industry, the food industry, the pharmaceu­tical industry, in mechanical engineering, when servicing aircraft, in shipyards and as safety lighting in tunnels.

When work is carried out in the tanks of aircraft, the lamps are also used to ensure the safety of employees. Here the hand lamps are powered via a completely separate supply that is also maintained in the event of a power failure.

Personal protection

In accordance with the installation requirements, particular attention shall be given to the protec­tion of persons working in confined spaces, ves­sels and silos with parts made of metal. Hand lamps with a safety extra-low voltage (SELV), an isolating transformer or a fault-current circuit breaker with a tripping current of 10 mA are available for these applications. explosionproof versions of these protective devices can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the lights or by the plugs and sockets.

Explosionproof Hand and Tube Lights
Edition November 2023
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Explosionproof hand lights
Edition March 2022
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