Heating elements connected at one end


These heating elements can be found in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for process heating and in mechanical engineering (gas and combined cycle power plants), as well as in process engineering. They are used to heat gas/air mixtures and liquids and for mounting in solid bodies. They only have to be connected at one end. The heating elements are manufactured with a diameter of 12.8 (½"), 18, 19.5 and 22 mm. Optionally, to increase the surface area, the heating elements can be wound edgewise with a corrugated steel strip. The heating elements can be supplied with a single or a double insulation system. In the case of double insulation, test voltages up to 4000 V are possible.

An explosion-protected individual connection in the type of protection Increased Safety developed specifically for these heating elements offers maximum flexibility. The heating elements with a diameter of 12.8 mm can be bent into various shapes (minimum radius 40 mm) and adapted to suit the respective application. The junction box can either be fitted directly at the heating element or it can be installed remotely with a connection cable.

Where the heating elements are in linear contact with the object being heated, the heat transfer can be optimized by using heat-conducting cement.