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The plant user is responsible for the correct operation of installations in hazardous areas. It must also be ensured that equipment and protective systems are repaired and overhauled in a professional manner.

Work of this nature must only be carried out by persons who, on account of their technical training, their specialized knowledge and their experience, can perform the tasks assigned to them reliably. The requirements for repairs and modifications to explosionproof equipment have been set forth in IEC/EN 60079-19. The IECEx Scheme, in addition to covering the certification of products, also offers the possibility of certifying suitable specialized organizations as 'Service Facilities’. In the certification process, the applicant organization is audited to verify that it is capable of correctly carrying out the activities necessary to maintain ongoing explosion protection.

Users therefore have the possibility of selecting an organization certified as a Service Facility under the IECEx Scheme to carry out the repair and overhaul of their equipment and protective systems, regardless of their original manufacturers, with guaranteed maximum reliability with respect to competences and skills.

As a Service Facility certified under the IECEx Scheme, thuba is qualified to carry out repairs, overhauls and reclamation of equipment worldwide, including that from other manufacturers. Our company is certified for the following types of explosion protection:

  • Flameproof enclosure 'd’
  • Increased safety 'e’
  • Pressurization 'p’
  • Non-sparking 'nA’
  • Restricted breathing 'nR’
  • Protection by enclosure 't’ (dust)
  • Intrinsic safety 'i’ (instrumentation)
  • Electric heating systems
SQS Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Edition July 2022
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DEKRA certificate BVS 22 ATEX ZQS/E364
Edition July 2022
PDF 🢃 930.7 KB
SAS - Inspection Body
Edition February 2020
PDF 🢃 492.8 KB
SQS Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (Korean language)
Edition July 2022
PDF 🢃 180.4 KB
SQS Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (Japanese language)
Edition July 2022
PDF 🢃 221.1 KB
SQS Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (Chinese language)
Edition July 2022
PDF 🢃 405.3 KB
IECEx Service Facility BVS S0001 issue No. 11
Edition August 2022
PDF 🢃 669.4 KB
IECEx OD 024 - DE/BVS/LA/364/22
Edition July 2022
PDF 🢃 667.6 KB
Certificate of Recognition IECEx RTPP
Edition July 2015
PDF 🢃 670.5 KB
D&B Rating Certificate 48-248-2130
Edition May 2021
PDF 🢃 1.6 MB