Company presentation

thuba - company philosophy

Customers, technology, and international standardization: they constitute the «water» thuba swims in. The challenge faced by the company is to meet their demands to the very best of its ability. For a small, highly personalized organization like thuba, it is important to implement the company’s philosophy in the day-to-day work. Another important ingredient of success is thuba’s corporate culture, which is founded on clearly stated goals, maximum independence and responsibility for all of our people.

  • We are an autonomous, family-owned enterprise of deeply ingrained Swiss character. Our tradition, which goes back over 85 years, has always stressed strict customer orientation.
  • Everything we do is focussed on the needs and wishes of our clientele. Our markets are Switzerland, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, China and the USA, Our aim is to be among the leaders in the field of explosion protection in selected markets.
  • We work actively for the harmonization of the applicable standards and codes. We support the official test laboratories in achieving common goals and in maintaining a minimum level when it comes to the interpretation of the standards.
  • Our work includes the development, customized fabrication, and sale of both components and complete industrial systems.
  • Our organization is tailored specifically to meeting the highest requirements in terms of engineering, quality, and compliance with standards. In addition to manufacturing equipment, we are also able to support our customers with the assessment of equipment and installations (inspections) and, where required, to carry out repairs or modifications (service facilities to IECEx scheme).
  • An integrated management system takes into account aspects of quality, ecology, safety and profitability for the individual processes. These processes provide an ideal platform for ensuring the quality of our products and services.
  • Our presence in the marketplace is strengthened by carefully selected cooperation partners with similar company philoso-phies.
  • Our training and public relations concepts benefit the employees, customers, government bodies, test laboratories and public organizations. We are actively engaged in the development and updating of standards that ensure state-of-the-art engineering.
  • Our employees continually look for possible improvements and remain receptive to new ideas.
  • We try to compensate our employees in line with their performance and provide them with a modern pension scheme.
  • We believe that profitability is essential for sound self-financing to assure the long-term existence and ongoing development of our enterprise.
  • We are determined to remain absolutely autonomous and independent of outside investors.
  • Our future is built on the foundation of qualitative growth. We accord top priority to maintaining a position of technical leadership while offering all of our people interesting work.
  • Our philosophy makes an important contribution to personal security, the environment and real assets.